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BCMA [Biotinylated] : APRIL Inhibitor Screening Chemiluminescence Assay Kit

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BCMA (B cell maturation antigen), a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor family. BCMA is mainly expressed on the surface of advanced B cells, short-lived proliferating plasmablasts and long-lived plasma cells, but not in naive B cells, CD34-positive hematopoietic stem cells and other normal tissue cells. With its specific expression ability, BCMA has become a good diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for multiple myeloma (MM).The main ligands of BCMA are BAFF and APRIL. When BCMA was combined with APRIL, the expression level of immune checkpoint was up-regulated to create an immunosuppressive bone marrow microenvironment. APRIL, as an important ligand of BCMA, is a member of the TNF(Tumor necrosis factor) receptor family (TNFSF-13A), which has 30% sequence homology with BAFF, another ligand of BCMA. But it has a higher affinity to interact with BCMA. It consists of 250 amino acids, of which 28 amino acids encode intracellular regions and 201 amino acids encode type II transmembrane proteins and their extracellular regions. The binding of APRIL to BCMA also induces both classical and non-classical NF-κB pathways, further promoting angiogenesis and metastasis, as well as tumor cell growth and proliferation.

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Inhibitor Screening ELISA Kits

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This kit is developed for screening for inhibitors of human BCMA binding to human APRIL.

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Product size: 96tests

Product price: $650

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