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PD-1 [Biotinylated] : PD-L2 Inhibitor Screening ELISA Kit

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PD-L2, also known as CD273 or B7-DC, is a member of the B7 family protein with PD-L1, and it is the second important ligand that can bind pD-1 after PD-L1. The human PD-L2(B7-H2, CD273) gene is also located on chromosome 9p24, encoding type I transmembrane protein with 247 amino acids. The homology of PD-L1 and PD-L2 was 40%. The affinity between PD-L2 and PD-1 is 2-6 times that of PD-L1. Compared with PD-L1, the expression of PD-L2 is relatively limited, and pD-L2 is induced to express on the surface of dendritic cells, macrophages, bone marrow derived mast cells and other cells.

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Inhibitor Screening ELISA Kits

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This kit is developed for screening for inhibitors of human PD1 binding to human PD-L2.

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Product size: 96tests

Product price: $650

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