PCSK9 Inhibitor Makes Major Progress in Lowering Blood Lipids

PCSK9 lipid

Hypercholesterolemia can lead to ASCVD. Studies have shown that interfering with the combination of PCSK9 and LDL-R through PCSK9 antibodies can improve the efficiency of LDL-R recycling and remove more LDL-C to achieve the purpose of reducing blood lipids. The marketed PCSK9 antibody drugs have shown excellent clinical data. Taking a deeper look at other PCSK9 targeting drugs, the antibody therapy space is closer than ever towards commercialization.

For ASCVD therapies targeting PCSK9, we are now offering high-quality developed high-quality PCSK9 Recombinant ProteinPCSK9[Biotinylated] : LDL R Inhibitor Screening ELISA Assay Pair and PCSK9[Biotinylated] : LDL R Inhibitor Screening ELISA Assay Pair