New ELISA kit for detection of intact mouse C3

Tools for complement C3 activation in mouse model

Hycult Biotech has developed a new ELISA kit (cat.# HK2002) for detection of intact mouse C3 and that does not react with C3 fragments. Together with our mouse C3b specific ELISA (cat.# HK216), you will be able to quantify specific C3 activation. The addition of these tools is highly relevant in mouse models of pharma companies investigating C3 inhibitors as therapeutics. The C3 and C5 convertases are enzymatic complexes that initiate and amplify the activity of the complement pathways and ultimately generate the cytolytic MAC. The synthesis of C3 is tissue-specific and is modulated in response to a variety of stimulatory agents. After cleavage by C3 convertase the anaphylotoxin C3a and activating C3b are formed. When bound to the cell surface C3b forms the start of the terminal pathway of complement by initiating the formation of the C5 convertase. C3 has a molecular weight of app. 185kDa and is the most abundant protein of the complement system with serum protein levels of about 1.3 mg/ml.